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Monday, August 29, 2011


I am satisfied and happy that Allah is my Lord

Muhammad (Peace of Allah Be Upon Him and His pure progeny) is my prophet

Islam is my religion, Qur’an is the book (I follow), Ka’ba is the direction (towards which I turn),

Ali is my Wali (vicegerent) and Imam (guide),

Hasan, Hussain, Ali son of Hussain, Muhammad son of Ali, Jafar son of Muhammad, Musa son of Jafar, Ali son of Musa, Muhammad son of Ali, Ali son of Muhammad, Hasan son of Ali, Hujjat (living argument) son of Hasan, (peace of Allah be on them all) are my Imams (guides).

O Allah, I am satisfied and happy that all of them are my Imams, so let me be a source of happiness to them.

Verily You are able to do all things.

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